Monday, March 24, 2008

Movie Mondays #4: 3 Movies Paul Giamatti Was In Before He Became Paul Giamatti

For actors like Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, John Travolta, Mel Gibson and other stars of equal wattage, having top billing is as natural as breathing. These guys were born to open movies.

For others, it is not as easy. They have to climb and claw their way to that coveted spot. Take Paul Giamatti, for example. While there has been some buzz about his starring role in the HBO series, "John Adams", it took a while before he reached that level. Let's take a look at this fine actor's not-so-illustrious career and his roles in previous movies that we may have...overlooked.

1. Kissing Man in "Singles" (1992)

Check out the scene where Campbell Scott and Kyra Sedgwick are having "water". Paul Giamatti is the guy in the other table making out with a girl. His line in the movie: "What?"

2. FBI Technician in "Donnie Brasco" (1997)

Remember that scene where Johnny Depp breaks down the many meanings of "Fuhgeddaboutit"? Paul Giamatti was right in there dissecting the phrase with Officer Tom Hanson, Jr. from 21 Jump Street and other FBI technicians.

3. Control Room Director in "The Truman Show" (1998)

In this movie, he's not just a technician, he's the Control Room Director who is sympathetic to Truman's plight. This will be the first of three high-profile movies that year (Saving Private Ryan, The Negotiator) that will pluck Paul Giamatti out of obscurity.

After "The Truman Show", he never plays a nameless character ever again. The rest, as they say, is Hollywood history.

Check out Paul Giamatti's curriculum vitae in IMDB here and his biography on Wikipedia here.

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