Monday, March 10, 2008

Movie Mondays #2: A Review of Anton Corbijn's "Control" by Rickious

I dismissed "Control" the first time I came across it. There were no big names attached to it except for Samantha Morton (Minority Report, The Libertine, Elizabeth: The Golden Age). I've also never heard nor read about the director, Anton Corbijn. It was only when I saw that the film was nominated in some categories at this year's BAFTA Awards did I sit up and take notice again.

It tells the story of Joy Division and its vocalist, Ian Curtis, who committed suicide right before the band was slated for a US tour and a shot at superstardom.

While watching "Control", not only does one get a glimpse of the fledgling post-punk movement in music during the late 1970's, one gets a crash course in photography as well. The film is shot entirely in black and white and each frame looks meticulously composed. As it turns out, Anton Corbijn used to be a regular photographer for the New Musical Express. If you grew up listening to New Wave music during the 1980's like me, you should get a thrill when Joy Division's most popular single, "Love Will Tear Us Apart", plays in the middle of the film. If you've never heard this song before, then you are not cool and I don't like you.

For those of us who need to be reminded of the brashness and audacity of youth, watch this movie now. If you don't feel that your sense of cool was refreshed after watching it, then I'm sorry, mate. You were never cool to begin with. If you find yourself downloading Joy Division's songs or at least looking them up in Wikipedia after watching the movie, then there is hope for you yet.

Here's the trailer...

...the music video of "Love Will Tear Us Apart"...

...and the Wikipedia articles about the film and the band...

"I have my hands up. I am a believer in Joy Division. Hallelujah!"

My sentiments exactly. It will be yours too.

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