Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Travel Wednesdays #3: Remedies to Minimize Airport Purgatory

I just came back from an enjoyable but exhausting trip overseas. I enjoyed my time immensely in the country but the trip to and stay in the airport almost broke my positive impression of the country.

Here are a couple of tips to lessen the stress levels so that you can enjoy your stay in the country:

1. Online Check-In

Major airlines like Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines allow you to select your seat and print your boarding pass from your computer. This saves you the hassle of lining up with most people who don't know about this feature for even Economy class passengers.

2. Smart Luggage

Don't underestimate the conveniences of modern luggage. Ever wonder why Japanese travelers use luggage with wheels that allow you to spin your luggage? I found out the hard way in one trip. While I was sweating from carrying my luggage to cross the express train till, the Japanese just nonchalantly spin their bag 90 degrees and wheel through the till.

3. Hand-Carried Items

If you're checking in your luggage, leave your power cord and other non-essential gadgets in your luggage. It will ease your shoulder strain immensely. Bring only the current passport and passport with visa that you need. No need to bring an "accordion" every time.

4. Clothing

Try to wear comfy slip-on shoes and avoid wearing belts or chunky metal watches. This will save your time from being inconvenienced by security.

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Rickious said...

Always stay on the side when lining up for Immigration so it's easy for you to transfer when they open up a new line.