Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My Favorite Game

The one Nintendo game that I played the most, more than Castlevania, more than Gradius, more than Contra, was Solomon's Key.

More than your usual Hack 'N' Slash or Shoot 'Em Up arcade game, Solomon's Key was a thinking man's game. There are countless solutions to a level and you are pressured to finish quickly since there is a timer for every room.

Your character, Dana, has to retrieve a key in every room to unlock the cage containing the fairy that you need to rescue. You also have to retrieve a bell in every level. In your arsenal is the ability to create and destroy orange bricks, the ability to jump, and to shoot fireballs at enemies.

Does anybody else remember this game? I loved it!

Here's the Wikipedia entry about it...

...and a video review from YouTube.

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