Monday, May 19, 2008

some old vids of mine by Snorlax

As most of you guys know, I play a lot of competitive Tekken in my sparetime. I'm not the dominating presence I used to be, as work, age, and other activities (read: A REAL LIFE) have prevented me from playing as much as I used to.

As requested by Kix, here are some of the videos of my matches as found in youtube. I used to have a lot more posted, but weirdly nawala na. Take note that these videos are Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection Matches taken more than a year ago. The current version is Tekken 6, but I dont have vids of me playing Tekken 6 yet.

The first two matches are against a good Korean player named Gotama who visited the Philippines. How good? He was a former Tekken 5 Champion in Korea.

The third match is against the current best Bryan player in the Philippines, Mr. Pwersa.

I'm the Jack-5 player (or the big robot, for the unitiated)

Enjoy, and bask in my Jack-5's awesomeness......

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