Saturday, March 29, 2008

Poker and Life by Mamba Bryant

I love poker. Why? Because I think that it’s one of the best metaphors for life. I used to think that basketball was a great metaphor for life, but I realize that poker is much better, because just as in life, luck plays a much bigger part than we all want to believe.

Here are some Laws in poker that I think applies to life.
1. Fortune favors the bold. You never win the big pots unless you risk a lot too. If you are risk averse, usually you are involved with those small pots. The big successes are those who usually take big risks.
2. The better players often are better off in the long run. If you are good, hard-working and live life correctly, you usually end up much more well adjusted and stable than people who go crazy in a small span in their lives.
3. Being different is a key to success. In poker usually if the table is tight, you play loose and vice versa. In life, if you can do things differently or better than anyone else, then that's a recipie for success.
4. Rules are made to be broken. In life there are no rules, and there’s no one secret recipe to success. I remember what they said about Gus Hansen, that he was one of the worst players there was, but now his Hyper aggressive is used by so many young players.

Poker. Life. All in.

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