Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Greatest. Drummer. Ever.

We all have our personal favorites.

My sentimental favorite will always be Matt Cameron of one of my all-time favorite bands, Soundgarden. That dude wasn't the most technical or flashy of drummers, but I loved how his fills and riffs perfectly matched the song.

We have people who swear by the old skool drummers like John "Gonzo" Bonham of Led Zep, or Ginger Baker of Cream. Then there are the insane drummers of the prog-rock school, headed by no less than the Dean himself Neil Peart of Rush (AND YES, TOM SAWYER IS A FRIGGIN AWESOME SONG SO STOP SKIPPING IT IN ROCK BAND!!!!), and repping the prog school lately is Danny Carey of Tool (Just listen to Tools' Fourty-Six and Two if you have doubts)

Next we have the metal drummers, from Lars "I am a douchebag, but a rich douchebag, who is against file-sharing, and this means you" Ulrich and his mammoth Tama kit, to my personal current metal favorite, Brann Dailor of Mastodon (do yourself a favor and listen to "Hearts Alive" from their AWESOME album, "Leviathan"). LISTEN TO MASTODON NOW I ORDER YOU!!!

Then we have the jazzmen, Ah yes, those crazy, old jazzmen drummers with their lightning quick hands and impeccable sense of timing. If you have doubts as to the skin-pounding abilities of geriatric jazz drummers, just take a look at one of my personal gods, Buddy Rich, as he wows the eighties crowd in his appearance in The Muppet Show, with a showdown against Animal:

Having seen countless of concert footage and youtube videos of these drumming deities, I thought I had seen drumming at its finest.

I was wrong.

I only recently saw the light, and finally found....THE. GREATEST. DRUMMER. EVER.

forget what you know, what you've heard, what youve seen.

I have witnessed the greatest drummer in the world....and ladies and gentlemen.....he is Korean.

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Rickious said...

Awesome post, SnorlaX!

I have never seen nor heard about Buddy Rich before this and I must say, he is freaking AMAZING!

That Buddy Rich is SOMETHING ELSE!!! Whew!

Now that Korean drummer...he is OUTTA THIS WORLD! He is either drunk or stoned....or both! He reminds me of Sam See in those old Jackie Chan movies.

SnorlaX, once again, you have wowed us with your extensive knowledge in music...

Rickious bows down before you...

Javy said...

Great choices I have to say. You certainly have taste in music. Neil Pert, Bonzo & Buddy Rich are at the top of the food chain. I would have wanted to see a few more names like Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater), Ginger Baker (Cream) and Keith Moon (The Who).

Here's something: At 12 years old then, Tony Royster Jr. was awesome. Here's a YouTube link:

Rock on!