Wednesday, April 2, 2008


SnorlaX, Mamba Bryant, Druuge Master, and all you gamers out there.

Get ready to cream your pants...

This is AWESOME!

They had a different title for this game for the Nintendo Super Family Computer. Can anyone remember what it is?

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SnorlaX said...

the famicom (japanese) version of this game was titled "Top Secret" and boy did i love that game (i even have it in my iphone via NES emulator)

I was able to finish it before because i memorized what japanese conversation options to answer. I even remember that it had a reanimated Hitler as the final boss....a feature that was removed from the american version Bionic Commando.

damn i want this game....

Rickious said...

You're right SnorlaX.

It is "Top Secret". You get a cookie from me the next time we see each other...which is this Saturday.

I remember I used to play it with our old neighbor Jopet, hehehe.

I remember finishing the Japanese version of Castlevania 2 as well, without any knowledge of Nippongo whatsoever.

Let's get together when this game comes out in the Philippines.

2 players! YEAH! This is going to rock!